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Blizzard to unfold from central Plains to Upper Midwest this weekend
The same storm set to bring feet of snow to parts of Arizona and significant snow to the rest of the Southwest late this week will swing onto the Plains and evolve into a blizzard over part of the north-central United States this weekend.
Major snowstorm to bury Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California mountains
A storm will unload feet of snow, create blizzard conditions and shut down travel over the mountains of Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California from Wednesday night to Friday.
LIVE: Accidents unfold amid robust snow, ice storm; Over 2,000 flight cancellations in Midwest and Northeast
Millions are facing disruptive snow and ice from Philadelphia through Chicago and Minneapolis as a far-reaching winter storm pounds the northeastern and midwestern United States.
Could rain impact ice conditions for Flyers, Penguins Stadium Series game in Philadelphia?
As the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins play outdoors Saturday night, rain could move through and impact play.

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