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Mystery man hailed a hero after being seen on surveillance video making troubling find in dumpster
Temperatures in Coachella on Friday were in the 90s, and the discovery a homeless man made that day was the difference between life and death, officials say.
2019 NFL Draft weather: What days will be best to attend?
As the excitement builds for the NFL Draft 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee, from Thursday to Saturday, the weather may have other plans for the first round.
4 things to inspect on your vehicle during spring
The cold, long winter may have impacted your car in ways you may not realize. A car care expert explains what possible damage to look for when spring gets underway.
Heavy, gusty thunderstorms to rumble from New York state to Kentucky
While a severe weather outbreak is not expected, heavy, gusty thunderstorms will stretch from the eastern Great Lakes to the central Appalachians and part of the Ohio Valley into Tuesday evening.

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