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Andere Handy-Website
The drawing you're thkining of is the other kind I do (see Drawing with the Third Eye here on Illuminara Home Page. That kind of drawing has a few names, can be called blind drawing but basically what you're doing is looking at the subject, not at your page and you draw faithfully w/o self-censorship. This strengthens your confidence in trusting your hand to make the marks your eyes tell your brain to make. It is like free falling, you get some gorgeous lines/contours this way. It really is fun. I do a lot of workshops, for kids and adults, using this technique. I just refer to it as gesture drawing bec you're quickly capturing people's gestures. Kids need this esp. bec all day in school they're graded and feel judged for every mark they make, it creates inhibition. To become a writer or artist, you need to be unafraid to make marks, so this is why I love to teach it! And this automatic drawing is just drawing w/o thkining too hard, out of your head as opposed to watching a subject. It's allowing the inner realm to come through.
RCXWTXrdVSXLVEtAaB - 04/06/12 4:08:05

For Trance music lovers...

the joint venture "Club Lounge Radio" is offering on the Trance section

- new tracks,
- classic and
- unknown

mixes and productions inside Trance music scene concentrating on certain main styles namely melodic, uplifting, vocal, progressive and Dance Trance (smooth styles).

Specified slots are for supported DJs and are to be found on the web site with links to actual track lists and further information about all present DJs, productions as well as other releases.

SV and tech. dir.
TeeJay - 25/02/10 11:09:20

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