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ZurückOnline auf 03-06-2011
Andere Handy-Website
I came across your Salmon Hymn from the Adams Salmon Festival and thoghut it was great! I am the organizer of the first annual Columbia Salmon Festival happening up in Fairmont, Windermere, and Invermere from Sept 28-Oct 1, 2011. Unfortunately we already have our musical acts for the festival (Golf Charity Tournament and Gala Dinner) but was wondering if we could possible utilize the Salmon Hymn for our video in which we are filming throughout the festival. I am unsure as to copyright, legalities of this, just wanted to ask. Further, do you ever play up here in the valley? What would it cost to bring you into Fairmont for a night?ThanksAndi DzilumsColumbia Salmon Festival Event Organizer
h6HPzgIwPHw - 06/09/13 21:27:53

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